Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wait on the Lord

You must be wondering, why a fly swatter? It is one of those amazing stories that I love to share with others. It all started one day in my kitchen. I see a fly that somehow got indoors and he is right in my sight. "It is time", I tell myself, "to get rid of this pesky fly!". So I immediately get out the fly swatter and start going after him. I see him land then I swat and he flies away. Again I see him land and I swat and he flies away. This goes on and on. I am literally chasing this guy around my kitchen. Then I sense the Lord telling me, "stand still and wait". "Okay, God I can just stand here." I am obedient and just as I think that this has been long enough, I see the fly land right in front of me on the counter. I then sense the Lord telling me, "Now!". I swat and got the fly. I am so excited and as I go to clean up the dead fly off the counter, I sense the Lord teaching me a valuable lesson. He tells me, "That is what I want you to do in life. I want you wait and when I tell you to move, then you move." I was dumbfounded! It made so much sense to me. I had been chasing flies in my life and not allowing God to lead me. I was so humbled by this experience and realized that all God wants me to do is wait for Him and He will tell me when he wants me to take action. Just like in Psalm 27:14 "Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord." What a wonderful life lesson that God showed me through the fly swatter.
Question: Have you swatted flies in your spiritual journey? What lesson can you apply to your life from this story.


jufrigillana said...

I love that story... that story is like the story of my life.. I love where it says in Psalms to wait on God and then in the next line to be brave and courageous as waiting does take alot of bravery.. more so than action because we must put our total trust in Him. For me sometimes the Lord shows me a piece and I just want to pounce but God always reminds me ... get your ants out of your pants..LOL

Pam Zunic said...

Ju, I have used this story so many times to minister to others. You are so right, it is about putting our total trust in Him! I am grateful that this post truly spoke to you. Pam