Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watchmen on the Wall

" Meanwhile, the Lord said to me,“Put a watchman on the city wall.
      Let him shout out what he sees. He should look for chariots
      drawn by pairs of horses, and for riders on donkeys and camels.
      Let the watchman be fully alert.” Then the watchman called out,
   “Day after day I have stood on the watchtower, my lord.
      Night after night I have remained at my post. Now at last—look!
   Here comes a man in a chariot with a pair of horses!”
   Then the watchman said, “Babylon is fallen, fallen!
   All the idols of Babylon lie broken on the ground!”
  my people, threshed and winnowed,
      I have told you everything the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has said,
      everything the God of Israel has told me." Isaiah 26:6-10

The Watchmen on the wall is what I believe that all prayer intercessors are called to do. It is a call to watch and a call to alert other prayer warriors that there is something that needs to be prayed for through the Word of God – the Sword!  Also check out Ezekiel 33:3 about the watchmen. Even in Nehemiah, there were posted watchmen on the walls to watch for the invading army. When someone sees the enemy approaching, they sound the alarm and all those workers would lay down their tools and get armed. This is the battle cry that not only intercessors need to do but us as individuals. We are to watch for the lion that prowls to steal, kill and destroy. I just taught Spiritual Warfare at another church and one of the things we are to look out for is deception and lies of the enemy. We are to guard ourselves from getting blindsided with attacks from the enemy. We are to be on guard and watch for those areas in our lives where we are sensitive (triggers) and to not buy into the lies of the enemy. Often we have hurts from the past where we have not seen how the enemy has given us a lie and we take the lie on as part of us and be believe the lies. Lies about who we are in Christ. We are His masterpiece and unfortunately, the enemy tells us different through events or people in our lives. So we are to watch for those attacks that the enemy will throw at us. It can be friends, family, coworkers, ministry partners or other people in our lives that will say something and we will get “offended”. We have two choices at this point, to either buy into the emotional hurt or not to. It is our choice. When we choose to be offended then we have just allowed the enemy to take control and we have taken the “hit” of offense. We are to be watchmen and to guard our hearts. How do we do this? We do this with the Word of God to know the truth about who we are and truth in all circumstances. We are fighting a spiritual battle and it is in our minds! That is why we stand on guard as watchmen to see when the enemy is prowling. Isaiah 21 is a good reminder for me me today to watch those triggers and not to buy into lies or offense that is trying to bait me. I am to stay in God’s Word and His truth at all times. Measure everything by God’s Word!!
Question: Have you been offended lately by others? Are you willing to forgive and to be set free?


Joy said...

very true Pam, you have a way of cutting to the truth..thanks for your inspirational blog and you know I love you! Joy G>

heidi said...

great stuff Pam, thank you for your wisdom! Thank you Lord for Pam, she is so awesome. Lord continue to guide her in all she does for you and your kingdom. amen. luv, Heidi P.