Friday, July 15, 2011

We Are His Sheep

3 Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, 
   will praise you forever; 
from generation to generation 
   we will proclaim your praise. Psalm 79:13
 I have done studies and read books about sheep and it never ceases to amaze me when I get to scripture and God’s people are considered, “sheep”. I went to visit a friend’s farm where she had sheep. She wanted me to experience them and to be around them. It was amazing, and what happened was that she stood in the center of the field and called out, “come, come, come”. We waited and then all of a sudden, we saw these little heads peek out from the bushes and hidden areas and they all came running. It was so adorable! This, I remembered, was like scripture, when we hear the Shepherd’s voice and we come running. How they love to come when called. After the sheep came, they just hung out with us and they didn’t want to leave us. They were there with us and didn’t leave the spot. When we find Jesus, we too don’t want to leave His presence and we want to hang out and be around Him at all times. We can wander away, just as the sheep. My friend would notice one that had wandered too far away and she would call the sheep by name. Oh yes, she had given each one a name and they knew their names. When called, that one that wandered away, could come back. We, yes indeed, are God’s sheep. As I recall all that happened that day at the sheep farm, may I remember that I too am a sheep in the pasture. I am part of God’s flock and He knows me by name!

Question: Have you wandered away from His pasture and He is calling your name?

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