Thursday, June 23, 2011

God's Love

For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens.
      Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.
 Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens.
      May your glory shine over all the earth. Psalm 57: 10-11

This morning’s topic is on God’s love.  God's love is limitless, cannot be measured and never ends, for God IS love. In scripture, God's love is defined: 

 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8

Now, let us begin to digest in our minds what that truly means. We read in scripture the Greek words for the various forms of love as "eros", "phileo" and "agape" love. When we think about these types of love, we realize that God is all of them and more. God IS love. We need to begin to realize that God IS love and that we cannot begin to put a limit on His love and when we do this, we will start to know how blessed and loved we really are. I thought of the highest mountain on the planet Earth and my thoughts went to that of Mount Everest in Nepal.  Here is some information that may amaze you:

Facts About Mt. Everest:

Tallest mountain in the world.
Number of people to attempt to climb Mt. Everest: approximately 4,000.
Number of people to successfully climb Mt. Everest: 660.
Number of people who have died trying to climb Mt. Everest: 142.
Height: 29,028 feet, or 5 and a half miles above sea level. This is equivalent to the size of almost 20 Empire State Buildings.
Location: part of the Himalaya mountain range; straddles border of Nepal and Tibet.
Named for: Sir George Everest, a British surveyor-general of India.
Age: approximately 60 million years old.
Other names: called "Chomolungma" by Tibetans and Sherpas, which means "Mother Goddess of the Earth."
Countries visible from the summit: Tibet, India, and Nepal.
First to climb to summit: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953.

Now that you have wrapped your brain around this information, I want you to realize that in only our human measurements and that God’s love is “as high as the Heavens”. How high are the Heavens? It is not measurable, for the universe goes on and on and on! Now, when we think of the Heavenly universe as having no end, it is limitless - then we can just begin to understand the love that God has for us. Are you with me? Can you truly understand how treasured we are? We are so beautiful in His sight and we are those treasures that He delights in. Think of a time when you went to the beach and began looking in the sand, and as you sifted all the sand between your fingers, you find those hidden treasures of small shells, bits of  polished glass pieces and how you delighted on finding those amist the sand. I think that is how God looks at us, with such pleasure and He cherishes us so! It humbles me this morning to know that He looks down and smiles, sings and delights over us. We are ALL his treasures! He calls us His sons and daughters, but more than than, He sees us as the Princes and Princesses in His Kingdom. What a honor, what a blessing, what love  that God has for us. After all, He IS love and His love not only cannot be measured but it is “unfailing”. It never stops!! Although we stumble, fall or just do something stupid, His love never stops. He loves us so!! May I always remember that God’s love is limitless and it is unfailing. God’s IS love and no matter where I go, whatever I do, He is with me, loving and delighting in me. He is doing the same for you – today and everyday of your life!
Question: Are you sensing God's love today?

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Hello Pam, once again just want to say how much I enjoy reading your posts. I think I have at last settled on a title for my blog and template. I will go back and reread to absorb what I may have missed this morning.(: