Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preserved by God's Care

"You gave me life and showed me your unfailing love.My life was preserved by your care." Job 10:12

You are probably wondering about this picture that I had decided to post. I thought about the phrase, “preserved by your care” and the vision of us taking care of our cars came to my mind. I think about what we do to clean, wax and polish our cars to make sure that it lasts longer and is in good care. Not only do we take care of the outside of our cars but we make sure the inside is vacuumed and well maintained. It does not stop there, we also make sure that we care for our engine by having the oil changed and take the car in for regular maintenance. But don’t stop there, for we also have to take care of the tires and rotate them but also replace them when they are worn. There is so much care that has to be done on cars – and I didn’t even get into the financial care of the monthly payments and the insurance. Wow! There is lots of time, effort and care that is put into our vehicles and wait....isn’t that what God’s unfailing love is like? He makes sure that we are cared for in ALL the area of our lives whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual. He works on us from the inside out and gives us the best care possible!
I am grateful that God keeps me well maintained through His unfailing love and his daily care for me. He watches out for me and provides for my every need. I am so blessed!
Question: Name one thing that God had done to care for you recently? How has God maintained you daily?

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