Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kairos Moment

   A Kairos moment is a God ordained moment where God speaks, gives a a revelation, an inspiration or encouragement. It is different than chronos time which is our time frame in the physical realm. It is when God intersects peoples lives for His purpose is a Kairos moment! 
  I want to share a Kairos moment with you. Since I am on a Daniel Fast for 21 days with my church (Hope Chapel West Oahu) I have been seeking God and waiting to hear His voice. What happened to me yesterday, showed me that God can use me anywhere, anytime and I don't need to do anything in my own efforts.
    So here I was, having lunch with a friend, at a well known health food deli  and I was sharing about my calling to do volunteer work at St. Francis Hospice. I shared how I would drive by St. Francis on the highway, I would hear “you belong there” and I would say “yes” but for about two years, I did nothing. I was like Jonah, running from Ninevah! I would hear "you belong there" and then I would store it in my brain, then I would keep on driving. Then, as I read Miles McPherson’s book, “Do Something”, where he said that we  need to stop thinking about doing something and start to put these callings to action, did I finally take that step. I got my application on line, submitted it and then I got called to go for my interview. When I went for the interview with the volunteer coordinator,  I received THE confirmation. During the interview, the coordinator shared with me about a new program where they needed more volunteers and it was the “NODA” program. "What is that?", I asked.  She responded, "NODA is 'No One Dies Alone' ". When she said that, I knew, deep in my spirit that this was the place I needed to be and confirmation  settled in my spirit. It was confirmed that this was where God wanted me to be. So, as If finished my story to my friend, we both heard behind us, “Excuse me”. We looked behind us and there was a young girl in her 20’s and she began sharing. “ I didn’t mean to over hear your conversation but I needed to share with you that I too have been hearing a calling and I have not acted upon it. After hearing about “doing something” I am going to do what God is calling me to do.” With that, she smiled, turned and walked away. My friend and I looked at each other, and tears flowed. God used us and we didn’t even need to do anything. God had our lives intersect  with a young girl in a powerful Kairos moment,  that was to launch into her into her calling, and He used us in a health food store over lunch!
   As I keep moving forward in this 21 day fasting period, I am asking God everyday to speak to me, to use me, to share with me more and more of His heart. I carry around a "fasting journal" and I write a word, a sentence, an experience that I sense God is telling me. They may not all be Kairos moments, but they may appear as a unique thought, an inspirational idea, for all of those may be God inspired and as I pray them through for confirmation, God reveals to me more and more.

Question: Do you desire to hear from God more? Are you willing to deny your flesh in fasting, so that there is less of you and more of him? Consider fasting and praying today.


Green_Eyes said...
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Green_Eyes said...

I would like to have a powerful Kairos momenta, I hide my tears, but all I want is to be useful for God.

:) josefina :) said...

wow Pam! That was definitely a Kairos moment. Reading this brought tears to my eyes too!

Mat and Jaime said...

Are you currently volunteering for the NODA program? i'm trying to find more information about volunteering, but can't seem to find anyone to contact. Do you have a point of contact i can use?

Pam Zunic said...

NODA Program in Hawaii is through Saint Francis Hospice volunteer program. You can contact their volunteer coordinator by going to their website and get more information. Hope this helps!