Monday, January 31, 2011

Refining Fire

           Lin Lopes "Refiner's Fire" -
"The Lord will wash away the filth of the women of Zion; he will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire." Isaiah 4:4
Fasting and Praying is like the refining fire that will bring the impurities to the surface and makes the impurities within us, available to be removed by the healing hands of God!. So, here we are, in the final stretch of the 21-day fast. There is something that is happening to not only me, but many people in our church. Just from this last weekend, there was a huge increase of people coming for prayer. There seems to be the purging of iniquities that is happening during the fast. I think of it as we make more room for God in our lives, then some of junk in our trunk begins to surface and it has to be dealt with. Fasting and praying is like that refining fire that comes down and purifies us. Just as in Isaiah 4:4, the cleansing comes from the spirit by judgment and fire. I am hearing more and more stories of people that are becoming aware of junk in their lives and they are getting rid of these old behavior patterns, mind sets, offenses and even oppressions. As we deny our flesh for God, He brings the impurities up to the surface as in the purification of silver/gold and then His hand skims the surface of all the dross and we become refined as gold/silver. This process is not pretty, for we often have to face some ugly truths about ourselves, like pride, self reliance, jealousy, rejection, unforgiveness and so many other impurities. But the beautiful thing is that the impurities that are brought to the surface are to be skimmed off by God’s wonderful healing hands to make us more refined and pure like Jesus. The heat is not pleasant but it is necessary for the refinement process. Therefore, let us rejoice when these issues come up for God is revealing them so He can take them away. I am grateful for this refining fire that falls upon us when we fast and pray for it is not only for a physical cleansing of our bodies but a spiritual cleansing. May all those impurities come to the surface and be removed by His mighty hands of healing.
Question: Have you been having issues come to the surface during this fast? Can you identify them and then repent and give them to God?

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